course schedule for intermediate content creation
– over a 3-month period, presented in 2-hour weekly sessions.

Month 1: Photography

Week 1: Introduction to photography

  • Understanding camera settings (ISO, shutter speed, aperture)
  • Composition techniques
  • Basic photo editing in Adobe Lightroom

Week 2: Lighting for photography

  • Natural vs. artificial light
  • Studio lighting setups
  • Using reflectors and diffusers

Week 3: Advanced editing techniques in Lightroom

  • Color grading
  • Selective adjustments
  • Batch processing

Week 4: Building a photography portfolio

  • Creating a website or portfolio on platforms like Behance or Squarespace
  • Branding and marketing strategies for photographers

Month 2: Audio (Podcasts)

Week 5: Introduction to audio recording

  • Types of microphones and how to use them
  • Recording environments and considerations
  • Audio editing software like Audacity

Week 6: Structuring a podcast episode

  • Creating an outline and script
  • Interview techniques
  • Incorporating sound effects and music

Week 7: Advanced audio editing techniques

  • Noise reduction
  • EQ and compression
  • Mixing and mastering

Week 8: Publishing and promoting a podcast

  • Uploading to podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify
  • Marketing and promotion strategies for podcasts

Month 3: Video (Streaming & Produced)

Week 9: Introduction to video production

  • Camera settings for video
  • Shot types and composition
  • Basic video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Week 10: Lighting for video

  • Three-point lighting setup
  • Color temperature and white balance
  • Lighting for green screen

Week 11: Advanced video editing techniques

  • Color grading
  • Motion graphics and special effects
  • Audio mixing

Week 12: Publishing and promoting video content

  • Uploading to video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Marketing and promotion strategies for video content

Additional Notes:

  • It is assumed that students have basic computer skills and access to a computer with necessary software.
  • The exact order of the topics can be adjusted based on student needs and feedback.
  • Assignments and hands-on projects should be incorporated throughout the course to reinforce the topics covered in class.
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