Adobe is a software company that offers a variety of programs and services to help with video production and other creative tasks

  • Adobe Photoshop is a versatile software used for creating posters, advertisements, wallpapers, digital artwork, and more.
  • Adobe Illustrator works with vector-art, which can be infinitely enlarged without losing any quality.
  • Adobe InDesign is great for multi-page layouts like magazines, newspapers, presentations, and books.
  • Adobe InCopy allows writers and designers to collaborate on the same project.
  • Adobe Lightroom is specifically designed for making minor edits to a large collection of photos.
  • Adobe Bridge is a visual media manager for organizing, browsing, and viewing media files.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing tool used for making videos.
  • Adobe After Effects is a powerful software for creating animations, motion graphics, and other cinematic effects.
  • Adobe After Effects is used for visual effects
  • Adobe Media Encoder is used for rendering
  • Adobe Prelude is used for video editing
  • Adobe Audition is used for audio editing
  • Adobe Flash Professional is used for animations and games
  • Adobe Animate is used for exporting animations in HTML5
  • Adobe Air is used for creating apps and games
  • Adobe Character Animator is used for 2D characters
  • Adobe Dimension is used for 3D modelling
  • Adobe Fuse is used for 3D modelling of human characters
  • Adobe XD is for prototyping user interfaces and apps
  • Adobe Dreamweaver is for web design
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is for viewing PDFs
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro is for creating PDFs
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription bundle with all Adobe products
  • Adobe Stock is for buying stock photos and videos
  • Adobe Typekit is for buying fonts
  • Adobe Behance is an online social media platform
  • Adobe Portfolio is for making websites
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements = basic versions of Photoshop & Premiere
  • Adobe Spark is a free online graphic design app
  • Adobe ColdFusion is a programming language and development platform
  • Adobe Stock – buy stock photos, videos and 3D models

Adobe also has a variety of mobile apps.

Adobe for Mobile:
smartphone app counterparts

  • Adobe Photoshop-express
  • Adobe Premiere-clip
  • Adobe Illustrator-draw
  • Adobe Lightroom for mobile
  • Adobe Capture – mobile color picker
  • Adobe Aero – augmented reality app
  • Adobe Scan – Scan notes

Adobe for 3D:
Substance 3D suite

  • Adobe Substance Modeler – 3D modeling software
  • Adobe Substance Painter – Photoshop for 3D objects
  • Adobe Substance Designer – procedural material & 3D model creation
  • Adobe Substance Sampler – import photos and copy the textures
  • Adobe Substance Stager – virtual photography studio

Adobe for Business:

  • Adobe Experience Cloud – for marketing, analytics and management of social-media campaigns
  • Adobe RoboHelp – to create and manage large knowledge bases
  • Adobe Presenter – to make interactive slideshows
  • Adobe Captivate – for creating E-learning courses
  • Adobe FrameMaker – for writing large technical documents
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