Blender 3D is a powerful tool for creating 3D models and animations.


  • Basic computer skills
  • Familiarity with navigating file systems
  • Some knowledge of 3D concepts (e.g. polygons, vertices)


  • A computer with Blender 3D installed
  • A mouse with a scroll wheel


  1. Introduction to Blender 3D
    • Objective: Familiarize students with Blender’s interface and basic tools
    • Topics: Interface layout, creating basic shapes, moving and rotating objects
  2. Creating a Simple 3D Model
    • Objective: Teach students how to create and modify a simple 3D model
    • Topics: Modeling techniques, working with modifiers, basic UV mapping
  3. Introduction to Texturing
    • Objective: Teach students how to apply textures to their models
    • Topics: UV unwrapping, texture painting, creating materials
  4. Introduction to Lighting and Rendering
    • Objective: Teach students how to light and render their scenes
    • Topics: Adding lights, global illumination, rendering settings
  5. Basic Animation
    • Objective: Teach students how to create simple animations
    • Topics: Keyframe animation, rigging, animating cameras

After Action Plan:

  • Encourage students to continue practicing their skills by creating their own projects
  • Provide resources for additional Blender tutorials and communities
  • Host a showcase where students can share their projects with each other and receive feedback
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